Wednesday, 3 March 2010

England v Egypt Preview

It's a sad night for me tonight. I have been to every England home game since England played Greece at Old Trafford in 2006 including all 16 games at the New Wembley stadium. But tonight I lay in bed after a back operation unable to follow my beloved Country into battle.

Some people have called the game pointless, and perhaps in the days of Sven or Mclaren I would have agreed, but since the appointment of King Capello I cant have feel that each time he gathers the countries greatest players together he actually makes them better.

The choice of Egypt as opponents is another indication that Capello knows exactly what he is doing. Fresh from their victory in the African Cup they will be a tough test for England, and even if we lose (which I don't think we will) we will be able to learn something from the game.
Stevie G gets the chance to lead his country once again - something I think he should do every time. I can in some way understand Capello's choice of John Terry, but Ferdinand?.. Ferdinand?

Anyway, tonight's result? 3-1 England with Gerrard and Rooney on the score sheet

Torres Plays for Spain.. Oh No Not Again!

It's hold your breath and pray to the gods time tonight, because if you follow Liverpool half as much as me you know how frustrating International friendly week can be.
I have lost count of the number of times Torres has hopped onto a plane to meet up with his Spanish team mates in a great run of form only to come back a few hours later with some part of his anatomy missing or severely malfunctioning.
We have already missed Torres too much this season and just when he seems to be able once again to put one foot in front of another on a football field, he is called to do battle for his country.
Rafa must be seething, and he will be for sure if recent history repeats itself and come tomorrow morning he is left without his prized striker and only David NoGoal to help save 4th place and inevitably his job.
I will be as always watching my England with pride tonight but will have everything crossed that Liverpool's Number 9 makes it through and comes home in one piece

It's Official, I'm a Blogger!

I am a lifelong Liverpool fan who, for most of his adult life has endured years of disappointment, interspersed with moments of bliss - The 5-4 Against Alaves in the 2001 Uefa Cup Final, the 4-1 win at Old Trafford in 2009 and of course those glorious 45 second half minutes against Milan in Istanbul to name a few of those all to infrequent moments.

Having been born in the mid 70's I have distant memories of the glory days, but its been 20 years since Dalglish and the double and the success of the late 80's since I been lucky enough to bask in the glory of League success - far too long!

I am passionate about Liverpool and I'm England through and through. I live for match day and spend the days in-between re-living every kick, every decision and every goal.

This blog will be my view on Liverpool and football in general.